The median home price in Reno-Sparks fell again for the 3rd consecutive month to $362,000. However, looking year-over-year, price is up by .06% from $359,950 in Jan. 2018. The high this year was set in Oct. 2018 at 385,000, only 6% off. The number of homes sold for the month was significantly down to 321 from 384 units sold in Dec., 16.4%. While Jan. is historically known for weak sales, you’d have to go back to 2009 to find a Jan. lower than 2019. 3 months supply of inventory still indicates a seller’s market, but the increasing days on market indicates a slower market than last year. Pending homes sales were up 21.1% from 541 homes to 655 this month, possibly indicating the spring selling season has started.